Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister who will change the fate of Britain and Europe!

Boris Johnson, one of the most charismatic and cool politicians of the last 20 years, has become as I predicted on June 20th, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Although many European leaders do not seem to trust BoJo, I believe that he will be the one who will fundamentally change relations between EU member states.

Boris Johnson is currently the most persuasive politician in Europe, the only one that can initiate various political, commercial and even military interventions worldwide.

He valued Theresa May's hard work in trying out common sense from the EU in his first speech as Prime Minister, but at the same moment criticized the fact that in the last three years his nation has become a prisoner of the referendum vote. He also said that by leaving the European Union by 31 October, he would restore democracy. 

What will happen in the United Kingdom and Europe remains to be seen, is likely to be another European construction in the future that will no longer challenge the sovereignty of any member state.

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