Yesterday, the heat wave knocked London! Extinction Rebellion why are you not reacting?

I walked out in the sun for a few minutes, but I couldn't stay too long. The sun was too sumptuous 😃. I'm sad to say the weather this weekend isn't going to be as warm, my plans were to go to the beach side 😪.

Does global warming make its presence felt more and more?
It remains to be seen what will actually happen with the Earth's climate. I don't trust there is anyone on the globe who can predict how things will evolve. Too many unanswered questions press on the decisions we make to manage the pollution produced by the world's population.

Extinction Rebellion why are you not reacting?
After this horrible Thursday, I was expecting a response. Extinction Rebellion is undoubtedly the only organisation that can generate a worldwide wave that will make man more disciplined in the face of climate change. Imagine London's protests being in every major city around the world. Things may change only then, but it will hopefully not be too late for the human race.

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